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Welcome Noel's Farrier Service
Picture of Horseshoer shoeing horse Hello, my name is Noel Diaz. I graduated Oklahoma Horseshoeing school in 1989, and have been shoeing horses since 1990. Starting in the Miami Homestead area as part-time. In 1992 Noel's Horseshoeing incorporated as a Corporation and relocated to Ocala Florida. In 2013 Noel's Farrier Service incorporated as an LLC to simplify the business and is currently located in Ocala Florida.

23 years Experience

Graduating Oklahoma Horseshoeing School 1989 Working Ocala 20+ years

During the earlier years of shoeing, I dedicated my time and studies dwelling into the multiple lameness issues which horses are susceptible to. Enjoying my work with the magnificent horse, I started focusing on lameness. Laminitis, navicular, club foot, angular deviations, acrylic hoof repair are some of my specialties. My job is to make the horse as comfortable as possible during the healing process. Some ailments have no cure, so making the horse comfortable is important. God has given me talent, knowledge and ability to help the horse in many different ways. Some of my other specialties are Arabians, Jumpers, Hunters, and other disciplines.  

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